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Foundation Research The Arnold Rikli-Prize

from left to right
Dr. Thomas Haarmann-Stemmann,
Arnold Rikli-Award winner 2013
Jörg Wolff, Award sponsor,
Jörg Wolff Foundation, Stuttgart

The third purpose of the Foundation is sponsoring research and education projects pertaining to the health impact on natural or artificially generated optical radiation on humans. Since 2006, the Jörg Wolff Foundation has been bestowing its Arnold Rikli Research Prize upon honorees. As a result, the Foundation continues a tradition first created in 1989 by Friedrich Wolff. It is named after Arnold Rikli (1823-1906), a physician from Switzerland, who had been nicknamed “the sun doctor” because he treated his patients with water-air-light therapies. He offered these treatments under the motto:

"Water will do the job,
but the impact of the air is superior
and that of the light is supreme.”

In memory of Arnold Rikli, the Jörg Wolff Foundation honours research work that pertains to the biological effects of ultra violet, visible and infrared radiation that is of direct relevance to human medicine or that provides guidelines for future research. An independent panel of judges composed of scientists selects the award winners from the submitted applications. Along with the award, recipients receive € 10,000 in prize money.

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