Planned projects in West Africa in cooperation with the Jörg Wolff Foundation

Well construction in West Africa

A well in West Africa costs around 3,500 euros and supplies the villagers in the area with fresh drinking water. The Foundation is planning a total of 13 wells for 2022: 7 in Sierra Leone, 2 in Liberia, 2 in Guinea and 2 in Benin.

Building schools in West Africa

Building and equipping a primary school with 6 classes costs around 18,000 euros. The Jörg Wolff Foundation supports the initiative of the local people. Where a school committee has already demonstrated in practice for 2-3 years that it can run a school on its own with a balanced income and expenditure account, the foundation builds a school building for usually 150 to 300 pupils.
This year, a total of 8 schools are planned, 4 in Sierra Leone, 3 in Guinea and 1 in Liberia.

Scholarships for school teachers and midwives

For the past 3 years, the foundation has been awarding scholarships for the training of teachers on site in West Africa. It also supports the training of midwives. For example, a 3-year scholarship can be financed for 1,000 €.

Your donations in good hands

There is a joint donation account for both funding priorities at “human aktiv”. Half of the amount paid into the account goes to the Jörg Wolff Foundation and the other half to human aktiv for the benefit of the two funding priorities of development aid in Africa and emergency aid in Ukraine.

  • Account name: human aktiv NAK Süd e.V.
  • IBAN: DE20 6012 0500 0007 7260 00
  • Bank für Sozialwirtschaft AG

Be sure to specify when making a donation:

Please state the project number 27001008 in the reason for payment. If you would like a donation receipt, please also state the donor’s address. We will take your name from the account holder details that we automatically receive via the bank statement.

Project map of the Jörg Wolff Foundation

All projects of the Jörg Wolff Foundation can be found in the following overview map. All buildings that have already been completed are marked in red or blue. The projects planned for 2022 are marked in grey.

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