The Jörg Wolff Foundation in Stuttgart promotes development programs to fight against hunger and disease in the world, especially in West Africa.

It participates in supplying the population with aid goods and the construction of health centers during the civil war in West Africa and during the EBOLA crisis.

Well projects provide schools and communities with pure drinking water.

In cooperation with local partner organizations, we construct schools to give children the chance for a better future.

Since 2019, we promote  the training of primary school teachers by scholarships.

From 2004 to 2020 about 150 projects have been successfully implemented by the foundation.  

In these projects, the Jörg Wolff Foundation and human aktiv – the relief organisation in the New Apostolic Church of Southern Germany work hand in hand. For example, the construction of a school is paid for by the Jörg Wolff Foundation, while human aktiv and the New Apostolic Church in the target country take over the planning and project supervision on site. This division of labour also applies to the construction of wells or the Foundation’s scholarship programme for teacher training.

This close cooperation ensures that administrative costs are kept to an absolute minimum and ensures that aid is targeted to where it is needed!

The foundation operates on the principle “helping people to help themselves”. We want to support people to improve the infrastructure in the country.

Project map of the Jörg Wolff Foundation

All projects of the Jörg Wolff Foundation can be found in the following overview map. All buildings that have already been completed are marked in red or blue. The projects planned for 2022 are marked in grey.

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