Charity-tour 2022: Camino de Santiago by racing bike

Experiencing the need of the people in West Africa, the desire to do more, a common hobby and the cohesion of the family have led to the fact that an idea via detailed planning had become an extraordinary action. The Jörg Wolff Foundation and human aktiv are grateful to be part of this great action and thank the actors and all donors for their commitment!

Learn more about the actors, the projects in West Africa and Ukraine, the tour and the development of donations in our reports.

85,952.- € donations for a good cause

The Charity Tour had 2 focal points, with half of the donations going to each:

  • Development aid in Africa via the Jörg Wolff Foundation
  • Ukraine Emergency aid via human aktiv the relief organisation of the New Apostolic Church of Southern Germany

Both aid organisations have already been working hand in hand for many years in the context of development aid projects and thus achieve an optimum of sustainable support. Now this proven partnership was being extended to the Charity Tour. All donations will be used 100% for the intended purpose – without any administrative deductions.

On 30.09.2022, the fundraising campaign was concluded with a total of 85,952.- €. This means that the Jörg Wolff has received 42,976.- € from the Charity Tour. The gratitude for this can hardly be put into words.

An impression of how much good this does can be seen in the current reports from West Africa.

Use of donations for projects in West Africa

Well inauguration in Koidu South Kaokoyima

In Koidu South Kaokoyima, Sierra Leone, a new well was commissioned in December 2022 thanks to the Charity Tour and the generous donations.

Opening of a school in Meima, Sierra Leone

In Meima, the first school financed by the Chartiy Tour donations was already inaugurated in 2022. The enthusiasm of the people speaks for itself:

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