Education creates the basis for an independent, better life! About ¼ billion children and adolescents aged 6 to 17 years have no access to education worldwide. Countries in Africa have the highest illiteracy rate. In Guinea and Sierra Leone it is over 60% (cf. UNESCO World Education Report 2019).

There are multiple reasons for that:

  • Political conflicts.
  • Families are too poor to enable their children to attend school.
  • the schools are overcrowded or too far away 
  • children often have to work to ensure the survival of the family – so there is no time to attend school.

The Jörg Wolff Foundation is committed to the building of schools in West Africa in order to allow children the chance for a better life

Help for self-help

In the promotion we encourage the personal initiative: 

Wherever parents and assistant teachers in the villages give the children lessons on their own initiative and have set up public schools, we support these initiatives by constructing a school building. The school committee is responsible for the day-to-day running of the school. Each school receives a foundation certificate.

How it was in the past?

Lessons often take place in a simple “palm roof school”. It was often built nearby  a church.  In the rainy season, lessons can then be held under the church roof.  

How is the situation today?

Weatherproof school buildings, ventilated classrooms and stable school desks provide a good learning atmosphere. Systematic teaching takes place, learning is fun!

Schools in Guinea

There are many “palm roof schools” in Guinea. New school buildings – are usually built on church property.  The schools are open to all children in th
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Schools in Liberia

In Liberia we have built schools in Matadi, Jeko Town and Compound III. The inauguration is always a special celebration! Further projects are in plan
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primary school and a Kindergarten in Sierra Leone

Schools in Sierra Leone

The idea for the foundation was born in Sierra Leone. Jörg Wolff worked in this country 30 years ago on a voluntary basis in the founding phase of the
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