Since 2019, the foundation offers young talented men and women scholarships for primary and secondary school studies. 

Objectives of the program  

  • We offer and promote education especially in rural regions
  • The students agree to teach in the villages after the studies. 
  • We support teachers in our own schools by  further training
  • Women should be given easier access to education. We intend  a quota of at least 50% women
  • The program is also intended to counteract the rural exodus 
  • Finally, we intend to reduce the  migration in the country

Services of the foundation

The foundation covers the tuition fees for a 3-4 year teacher training course and pays an annual subsidy for accommodation and other expenses. 

For details and participation requirements, please contact the local country representatives of the New Apostolic Church. 

Services of the scholarship holders

The scholarship holders undertake to teach in their home region after completing their studies.

Every six months the students prepare a semester report on their studies. The Foundation provides a PowerPoint template for presentations and semester reports. In addition, students can use think-cell free of charge.

think-cell is a Microsoft Office add-in that is seamlessly integrated into PowerPoint and makes it possible to create and manage complex chart types such as Marimekko, Gantt and waterfall charts in just a few minutes. In addition, think-cell complements PowerPoint with further extensive design and functional elements. The software can be used free of charge by scholarship holders and members of the Jörg Wolff Foundation. Students can obtain licences from their supervisors at the Foundation.

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Pilot year 2019 Sierra Leone

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