Support of development programmes, focus West Africa

The Jörg Wolff Foundation, located in Stuttgart, Germany, supports development projects aimed at combating world hunger and diseases, especially in West Africa. The Foundation is also involved in ­educational projects in order to give children the chance of a better future. Since 2004, ­24 projects have been successfully implemented by the Foundation. Six further projects are being ­supported in 2013.

In cooperation with local partner organisations, the Foundation built and renovated health clinics and schools. The Foundation was also provided vital supplies to the provision of necessities to the region‘s population during the civil war in West Africa. Fountain and well-digging projects are now ensuring the availability of clean drinking water to entire villages.

The Foundation extends a helping hand based on the principle of providing help to those in need so that they can help themselves. Beneficiaries are not considered recipients of welfare and hand-outs, but are actively involved in the development of an improved infrastructure.

School and Educational Projects

Ebola help

Ebola is a viral disease. The current outbreak is the largest that has ever been documented. So far, more people have fallen ill and died than in all previous outbreaks together. There is still no vaccination against Ebola and no therapy to remedy the cause of Ebola.

The prevention of further Ebola infection, involves the education of the public, adherence to strict hygiene precautions and the isolation of Ebola patients from others.

The first request for assistance reached the Jörg Wolff Foundation in May 2014. At that time, the virus in Guinea had significantly expanded. The Foundation provided immediately funds for the purchase of disinfectants, antibacterial soap, chlorine solution and protective equipment.The distribution of aid supplies to the local population was supported by the Red Cross under the presence of the local authorities as well as representatives of other charity organizations

Famine relief in West Africa – “Hungry and Needy”

Famine Relief in West Africa:

The nutritional situation in 16 countries across the world has been described as either serious or ­exceptionally serious (cf. Global Hunger Index 2018) – with an extreme impact for the local population­. Famine is less of a problem of whether there is food available, but rather a result of its disproportionate distribution. The causes are diverse and complex: war, poverty, general economic and political conditions­, etc.
Since the region of West Africa is particularly affected by these issues, the supply of staple foods for the population has become a major focus of the Foundation.

For years, the Jörg Wolff Foundation supports numerous development aid projects in West Africa. Under the motto “HUNGRY AND NEEDY” the Foundation finances famine relief and supports the mission work of the New Apostolic Church of South Germany in the countries Ivory Coast, Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. Sick, disabled and disadvantaged people, including orphans and street children receive food, medicine and toiletries. The distribution of the aid supplies is carried out by local pastoral caregivers of the New Apostolic Church.

Famine Relief in West Africa:

Just a few bags of rice can provide the basic nutritional needs of a children’s home or a retirement home for several months.­ Even a few bags of salt are indispensable here. Several cans of oil – not cold-pressed olive oil, but rather customary palm oil – can guarantee­ that the local population can regularly cook a warm meal for themselves. Donations such as exercise books and textbooks are a great help for promoting education. Toiletries such as soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, hair brushes and many other items are also desperately needed.­ Once everything has been unloaded and lined up nicely, a sense of security and – even when briefly – a sense of prosperity can be felt.

Aid supplies financed by the Jörg Wolff Foundation were shipped to the following countries:

Ivory Coast:

Food and toiletries were shipped to the Ivory Coast and were handed over to a center for orphans in Kokrenou (Yamoussoukro), a  home of war victims as well as HIV patients and a home of deaf-mutes in Toulépleu.


Distribution of food and toiletries to orphans in Quet-Djiba, Bakama Lela and Mamou. In Lola donations were handed over to the elderly and abandoned people who have lost their children and grandchildren during the war.


Three centers of orphans were visited in Liberia: the “Grace for Grace Orphanage” in Saclepea, the “Faith Orphanage” in Gbarnga and the ‘Love a Child Orphange ” near the capital Monrovia. On behalf of Jörg Wolff Foundation food, hygiene items and school supplies were handed over.

Sierra Leone

People with disabilities in Nyandehun, a school for the blind in Kenema, facilities for the physically handicapped in Pujehun and Port Loko, and the three orphanages “Network for Children in Need Orphanage”, “Saviour of the World” and “Children Redemption Orphanage” in Freetown are among the beneficiaries of the “Hungry-and-Needy” measures in Sierra Leone.

human aktiv  

Learn more about the »human aktiv« – work:

A donation of 27.000 Euro was handed over personally by Jörg Wolff (left) to Michael Ehrich, the first chairman of the mission, for the missionary work (Relief Organisation of the New Apostolic Church of South Germany).

Donation of the Joerg-Wolff-Stiftung to the Missionswerk

School and Educational Projects

Education establishes the basis for an independent and better life! 264 million children and adolescents aged 6 to 17 have no access to education worldwide (see UNESCO World Education Report 2017/2018). The reasons for this are manifold: either the children live in conflictual regions or the families are too poor to allow their children to attend school or the schools are overcrowded or too far away. Often children have to work to ensure the survival of the family – hence there is no time to attend a school.

The Jörg Wolff Foundation is committed to the building of schools in West Africa in order to enable particularly the poor and disadvantaged children the chance of a better life. The Foundation has funded among others the construction of a primary school and a Kindergarten in Sierra Leone.
Find out more here:

Shepherd Elementary School and Kindergarten in 
Mahera, Sierra Leone:

Due to the fact that many, mainly younger children, have no access to education, a basic primary school with a Kindergarten has been established in Mahera / Sierra Leone in September 2003. 46 children between two and nine years were looked after and taught in primitive huts.
A makeshift without sufficient or adequate furniture, which was a deplorable accommodation for both, children and teachers. Especially during the rainy season it was very difficult to use the premises, hence the lessons had to be cancelled often.

By Mid-2013 the Jörg Wolff Foundation decided to fund the construction of a new school building in the amount of 13,000 €. The local community enlarged the designed school construction and financed it from their own resources. The first phase (foundation and exterior walls) was completed in March 2014. The Ebola outbreak in 2014 and its associated problems extended the construction period considerably, so that the construction work could not be completed until the beginning of May 2015.

Despite the own resources of the local community the enlargement of the school building exceeded the set budget, leading to the fact that there was no more money available for furniture such as tables and benches.

In early summer of 2015 the Jörg Wolff Foundation also funded the needed tables and benches much to the delight of the children and the teachers. 120 children can now be taught and looked after at the Shepherd Elementary School and the Kindergarten in Mahera.

Our picture gallery shows the new school and its inauguration.

Musical education

The Jörg Wolff Foundation has been supporting musical education programmes in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea and Cameroon for many years. These efforts include the provision of musical instruments, such as blow-organs and keyboards as well as the funding of lessons.

The story of Moses Lamin, a priest in Sierra Leone, demonstrates compellingly how fostering musical education can make a valuable contribution to the improvement of lives in even the most devastated countries. In extreme cases, it may prove to be a lifesaver.

During the civil war in Sierra Leone, Moses Lam-in, the priest, was caught between enemy front lines. The rebels accused him of having collaborated with the government troops.

Moses Lamin pleaded with them, claiming that as a priest and leader of a choir, he was a neutral party and the head of his parish. “Anyone can make such claims. If you cannot prove what you are saying, we will shoot you,” the rebels told him. In his despair, Moses unwrapped his blow-organ and played a hymn for them. As a result, the rebels allowed him to go on his way in peace.

Promotion of Young Musicians in Nigeria:
On account of the social situation and the problematic infrastructure, opportunities for musicians are very limited. Regulated processes and reliable continuity are unknown to most people. Fundamental requirements for a musical life such as musical instruments and music schools are a rarity.

With the resources provided by the Jörg Wolff Foundation, the choral work­ was able to be stabilised and improved. In seminars spread across several days, young participants­ from all different areas in Nigeria were trained as tutors and propagators for ­conducting schools. Along with learning how to read music, basic knowledge about songs and conducting techniques­, the seminars imparted the important requirements for rehearsals.

A large and powerful choir has been established, which can sing even the most challenging of songs impressively well.

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