Schools in Guinea

There are many “palm roof schools” in Guinea. New school buildings – are usually built on church property.  The schools are open to all children in the neighbourhood. At the inauguration, the imam and our priest often pray together for a blessed future.

The foundation has built schools in Boke, Sanoya, Nzerekure, Kankan, Macenta, Kissidougu, Faranah and Gueckedou. 

Further projects are planned in Mamou, Lola and Kindia.


The Primary School in Boke started in 2017 with two classes. At the time of the inauguration in 2020 there were 35 students. For 2021, we expect more than 300 students.


In Sanoya near Conacry, the capital of Guinea, there is an École-Primaire since 2014. The majority of the students are Muslims from the neighbourhood. For 2020, 300 children are expected to be taught in the 2 new school buildings of the foundation. 


The Wilhelm Leber School is located in Nzerekure. Founded in 2008 as a kindergarten, it currently has 26 pupils and expects 300 children after the inauguration in the next school year.


In Kankan, the Antoine Malano School has been founded 2014. 126 children attend the primary and 70 children attend the pre-primary classes at the inauguration of the new building. A well was also built on the school grounds by the foundation.


The Emile Fischer Pre-Primary School in Macenta was founded in 2008 and the new school building, inaugurated in 2020, is located on a large site. For the 110 pupils of the Primary School grades 1 to 3 it still offers growth opportunities.     


The Michel-Lamine Primary School in Kissiougou was housed in 3 rooms since 2012. In 2019, the 150 students were able to move into a new building with 6 classrooms and an impressive rectorate.


The Martial Kandet School in Faranah has been in existence since 2013. The new building for 140 students with 6 classrooms and the rectorate was inaugurated in 2017.


Gueckedou was the first school in Guinea. Since 2009 lessons have been held in an old warehouse. 

In 2016 we built a new school building on the church property, where qualified teachers are teaching now.

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