Schools in Liberia

In Liberia we have built schools in Matadi, Jeko Town and Compound III. The inauguration is always a special celebration!

Further projects are in planning.


Matadi is located before the gates of the capital Monrovia. Committed church members have built the first floor of a new educational institution on their own initiative: In the morning it is a primary school, in the evening adults learn how to use computers. The foundation has completed the 2-storey building in 2020.  

Jeko Town

Jeko Town was founded in 2013 as a kindergarten and primary school. With the help of the church members, the new school building with 4 classrooms financed by the foundation was inaugurated in 2018.

Compound III

The In Compound III school started in 2010 with 100 pupils in a building made of clay bricks. Today, more than 350 pupils are learning in the school building, which was inaugurated in 2015.

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