Schools in Sierra Leone

The idea for the foundation was born in Sierra Leone. Jörg Wolff worked in this country 30 years ago on a voluntary basis in the founding phase of the New Apostolic congregations. Confronted with the poverty and need of the people, he decided to put part of his business into a foundation to help. This is why the Jörg Wolff Foundation has the longest tradition in Sierra Leone. Over 50 projects have been realised here.

Since 2018, the government has promised free access for all primary schools. Teachers are no longer financed by school fees paid by the parents. This is taken over by the government. In return, the school buildings have to meet minimum standards and teachers have to prove that they are qualified teachers.. 

The foundation has constructed school buildings in Tissor, Kissy-Kenema, Freetown-Kissy, Koidou, Mokorewa, Mattru, Lumpa, Mahera, Mile 91. The following picture galleries show the school inaugurations in the individual locations:


In Tissor near Kenema is the Karl-Kühnle High School. Founded in 2008 as the oldest secondary school with 47 students, 450 students are studying there today. The foundation has twice financed extensions for the 11 classes. 


The rooms for the school in Kissy-Kenema were built by the parents themselves. In 2020, the 260 pupils will move into a new school building that offers learning conditions according to today’s standards. 


Freetown Kissy was started as a kindergarten in 2009. With great participation of the church members, the foundation constructed school buildings for about 200 pupils and pre-school children in several construction phases.  


In Koidu there has been a school since 2003, but as there was no building available, school operations were interrupted for several years. After the inauguration of the new building, 200 pupils of the primary school and 50 children of the pre-primary school will be taught there. The extension to the Secondary School is planned. 


Since 2010 there is a school in Mokorewa. During the week the pupils sat in the empty church building. Now the 150 pupils have their own building and a school well.  The inauguration was a big celebration!


Matru is located in the southwest of Sierra Leone. The school, which has been in existence since 2011, was given in 2018 its own school building with 6 classrooms, a school office and storage and toilets for the 278 pupils.


The Werner Kühnle Primary and Junior Secondary School in Lumpa near Freetown today has 340 primary and 156 secondary pupils. Several extension buildings – the last one in 2016 with 6 classrooms – were built. And with great pleasure in Lumpa one celebrates big parties:


The Sheperd Primary School with Kindergarten is located next to the main airport of Sierra Leone in Mahera. After 10 years of accommodation in temporary rooms, the school received a building with 6 classrooms, storage and toilets in 2014.

Mile 91

Mile 91 is 91 miles from the capital city of Freetown. Parents of the church congregation began teaching the children in 2006. On the land donated by the local community, the foundation built a school building for 250 children in 2014.

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