Support of development programmes, focus West Africa

The Jörg Wolff Foundation, located in Stuttgart, Germany, supports development projects aimed at combating world hunger and diseases, especially in West Africa. The Foundation is also involved in ­educational projects in order to give children the chance of a better future. Since 2004, 69 projects have been successfully implemented by the Foundation. 10 further projects are being ­supported in 2015.

In cooperation with local partner organisations, the Foundation built and renovated health clinics and schools. The Foundation was also provided vital supplies to the provision of necessities to the region‘s population during the civil war in West Africa. Fountain and well digging projects are now ensuring the availability of clean drinking water to entire villages.

The Foundation extends a helping hand based on the principle of providing help to those in need so that they can help themselves. Beneficiaries are not considered recipients of welfare and hand-outs, but are actively involved in the development of an improved infrastructure.

Famine relief in West Africa - "Hungry and Needy"

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