The Founder

Jörg Wolff grew up as the third son of 7 children in a family of German entrepreneurs in Stuttgart. Born into this middle class family during World War II in 1941, he learned early on that sharing what one has is key in life. Today, Jörg Wolff is a successful businessman himself. His father, who was a true representative of Christian values combined with business ethics, was his role model. Hence, these qualities are an integral part of his belief system and of his business management style.

The invention of the tanning bed back in 1975 and the incorporation of KOSMEDICO – Vertrieb kosmetischer und medizinischer Lampen GmbH in 1976 in Stuttgart, laid the foundation for the company known today as JW Holding Group.

For more than 40 years, JW Holding GmbH has been a successful, internationally engaged group of companies. Its business activities span the entire spectrum from the physiological utilisation of UV radiation, i.e. from tanning and its medical application (photo therapy) to the energetic harnessing of the rays of the sun (solar heat).

The group’s global workforce totals about 270 employees. The company ships its products to customers in almost 60 countries. Today, the annual revenues of the Holding total approximately EUR 60 million.

The company’s success in its core business stems from patents that evolved in its research and development activities. Far beyond the boundaries of the group of companies, the Wolff Family is involved in and supports scientific research and education projects pertaining to the health impact of natural and artificially generated optical radiation on humans. Ever since 1989, the group of companies has been awarding a special price of outstanding scientific achievements to commemorate the work of Swiss “sun doctor” Arnold Rikli, in whose name the award is bestowed upon the recipients. Jörg Wolff is deeply committed to the objective of making this scientific work possible for the sustainable future – in the absence of ulterior business motives. Hence, sponsoring programmes are made available through his Foundation.  

In addition to his numerous business responsibilities, Jörg Wolff has been engaged in volunteer work at his church for many years. His commitment led him to West Africa, in particular to Sierra Leone, a country which suffered from a terrible civil war from 1991-2002. On location, he found himself confronted with the devastating situation and got involved to bring relief to those suffering. Today, helping those who are caught up in desperate scenarios through no fault of their own, is still priority one for this humanitarian. Consequently, his Foundation supports numerous development projects in West Africa.

Music is a powerful force in the lives of founders Dr. Bärbel and Jörg Wolff. They are both amateur musicians themselves and very much enjoy listening to the musical performances of others. However, the Wolffs do not just appreciate music as a recreational activity, but also as a precious cultural treasure that needs to be preserved. The couple is therefore fully committed to active support of music programmes and to the fostering of up-and-coming young musicians in Stuttgart as well as in West Africa.

Long before the inauguration of the Foundation, Jörg Wolff volunteered his services in numerous programmes and extended financial support to aid projects. He remains engaged in many of these undertakings and always advocates for the common good of humankind.  The multiple facets of Jörg Wolff’s own life combined with the desire to share his success with others led him to create this Foundation – an organisation that is dedicated to a variety of Foundation goals. They all have one common objective, which is to enable people to enjoy better lives.

Bärbel and Jörg Wolff
The founders-couple: Dr. med. Bärbel and Jörg Wolff

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